Spiritual Healing


Spiritual Healing restores your sense of well-being by improving emotional-mental and physical conditions wherever you are at any distance from the healer. This healing begins with subtle shifts in consciousness that include a sense of connection, reassurance and comfort. Your personal concerns become healing priorities. A unique healing experience is created that generates enduring beneficial changes.

“I contacted Betty to help my adult daughter who became depressed, unable to work or even process thoughts …As a result of Betty’s powerful healing work, my daughter is now independent and fully living and enjoying her life.” ~Lynn from California~


Consultation By Phone and Distance Energy Healing


~Lynn from California~
I contacted Betty to help my adult daughter who became depressed, unable to work or even process thoughts. My intuition told me she should not be labeled as mentally ill. As a result of Betty’s powerful healing work, my daughter is now independent and fully living and enjoying her life. Betty’s work is amazing. She is authentic and sincere. She treats each case as if she were working on a member of her own family.

Today I’m much stronger emotionally, no longer blocked, much more grounded and I’m able to deal with life situations without reacting out of fear. This is a huge change for me. I will be forever grateful for Betty’s counseling and healing. Thank you for all that you have done for my family. Betty is what I call an angel on earth.

~Joe from Michigan~
Thanks to Betty’s help, I have been able to save a relationship with a wonderful woman I have been with for over four years. I had almost given up. Betty worked on issues that the love of my life had carried around for many years, ever since childhood. Through counseling and healing sessions, Betty was able to bring back the person I always thought my love and best friend could be. She is now the kind and loving person that I had always felt in my heart.

~Nancy from California~
Since I’ve had healing sessions from Betty, I no longer need to use an inhaler which I was using two to three times a day. I’m now free of thinking about food and my weight. This is a relief and I can now lose weight. I’ve also fallen twice. I hurt my ankle and another time I hurt my knee, shin and foot. Both times Betty’s healing brought relief and I could walk without pain. Needless to say, I feel Betty is a miracle worker.

~Chris from Canada~
After our consultation, I felt calmer and didnt feel so threatened. It was a big realization because that’s how I felt all the time most of my life growing up and in all relationships where I felt I had no options but to stay put and any thought or actions to leave, stand up for myself or make changes meant great danger. It was a daily reoccurance and became a constant state of mind which followed me into my adulthood. I realized that’s where I was operating from.

Much darkness has been lifted. Many realizations have come forth and an acknowledgment of the pain that was inflicked on me as a child. This is not pity but rather from a place that I matter and that what happened to me and how I was treated was sheer hell. I’ve been able to see more profoundly the attitude or pattern of “not allowing” good things to come into my life.

I’m aware of the fear I’ve felt my whole life and even more now that I’m able to connect more authentically on an emotional level. I am looking forward to a much healthier, happier life ahead, and for the first time, I feel it is possible to move past this state of chaotic survival for a much more effective, orderly and loving existence. I was severely wounded and I’m amazed at my ability to have the strength to move past this. Thank you so very much for your gift Betty. You came as a blessing in my life and I’m grateful!

~Padraig from Ireland~
The doctors removed my spleen some years ago as it was badly enlarged. They sent tissue samples around the world to different labs and reports came back that said (more or less), we know he has a blood disease, but we do not know what it is.

After much healing from Betty, steroids and chemo were slowly stopped, and the doctor was amazed at my progress. Betty also helped me to see a connection between my physical condition and a painful experience in my life. I saw more clearly that the disease that developed 10 years ago in my body was also due to extreme stress and worry.

I was shunned many years ago by my family when I was 19. I disobeyed my parents and insisted on seeing and marrying a girl whose family they did not approve of. Betty suggested I look at my immediate family as complete and treasure what is and not yearn for what cannot be. Betty, you are a blessing in my life. Thank you so much for everything.