Betty Malicoat


Healer Counselor Lotus: Mom20101Betty Malicoat, a spiritual counselor and healer, is a California native and lives in the Sierra Foothills between Fresno and Yosemite. Her daughter, an artist, lives in Hawaii, and her son is an actor in Los Angeles.

Betty’s spiritual work with clients spans nearly five decades and has always been by word-of-mouth. In 2006, at the request of several clients, she went public with her services and now works with clients worldwide.

*All artwork on this website by Betty Malicoat.


As a child, Betty slowly discovered her lucid dreaming ability and intuitive sense, though she was unaware of how it could be integrated into her life. She kept these experiences to herself for fear of being rejected or ridiculed.

Though she didn’t fully explore these psychic arts until she was well into her twenties, it was her father, Joe Miller, who formally introduced her to spirituality at the early age of nine. He had her concentrate on a prism while he discussed light, the color spectrum and auras.

In later years her father became an active member of the San Francisco Theosophical Society and conducted weekly spiritual walks in Golden Gate Park that were frequently attended by hundreds of people. (It was these walks as well as her father’s reputation for insightful “talks” at the Theosophical Society that led to the publishing of his biography Great Song: The Life And Teachings Of Joe Miller.) It was insightful “talks” that Betty found herself giving as well, but on a an individual basis.

She refined her intuitive and artistic abilities, experimented with different modalities, studied the Greek mystery religions and the works of Joseph Campbell. In time, Betty had crafted an intuitive/psychic way of navigating her life. This, in turn, empowered her to help family, friends, and even strangers. Raising her children and developing her art became the main focus of her life for a time, but once her children became independent, it was her love of literature that led her onto a different path.

At age 51, Betty graduated magna cum laude from Fresno State University. She then attended the Master of Fine Arts program which required her to teach. This led her down yet another path…


While teaching English at Fresno State University under the Master of Fine Arts program, Betty designed unorthodox lesson plans to promote critical thinking in her young students. Word of her teaching style spread, bringing requests for private tutoring from many students in varying masters programs.

While tutoring, she discovered innovative ways for her students to overcome their writing blocks. These methods also revealed memories that were the root cause of each student’s problems. The results led Betty to develop more in-depth spiritual work with private clients which eventually became Spiritual Counseling.


One of the strongest influences for Betty was studying the biographies of Hawaiian, Native American and South American shamans. These models of healer-counselors had life experiences that set them apart which taught them to observe how emotions influence physical well-being.

Betty also studied energy healing techniques from both Eastern and Western traditions. Although these experiences provided valuable information, Betty required deeper answers. Her knowledge and understanding only began to deepen after healing instruction was presented to Betty in a life-changing spiritual experience.

Out of this unusual communication, healing methods and principles emerged in detail. They were beyond anything Betty had previously read or studied. These extraordinary teachings eventually evolved into Spiritual Healing.