How do you help people find answers to their questions through counseling?

As soon as I hear a person’s voice, images and information begin to flow. The direction of the discussion is controlled by a person’s need to know. This determines which subject will be emphasized. The insights are always surprising and satisfying as they clearly guide a person to a place where the reality of the situation is revealed, encouraging the most advantageous decisions.

How is trauma relieved through counseling?

Relieving trauma requires mentally walking back through time to key experiences–not to dwell on what was devastating, but to find and restore a person’s true nature. Instead of identifying with the trauma in experiences, a person is shown how to identify with personal strength and courage. These newly emphasized memories change a person’s perspective to restore a sense of self and purpose.

How do you call up a person's energy in healing?

Each person has a signature rhythm. That would be all rhythmic tempos in each energy body of a person’s system. This rhythm is linked to the person’s name. The name calls forth the person’s system.

Do you ever heal a person on a friend or relative's request ?

A parent of a grown child, a companion or a best friend may request a gift of healing for the loved one.  The circumstances are usually extreme illness in body or mind where a decision is not possible or an addiction where cooperation is impossible. Given these circumstances, I seek and receive permission to do a healing from the person’s highest consciousness.

How does a medical diagnosis help you?

A diagnosis is based on the science of anatomy and disease. This is a first point of interest.  From this perspective, all surrounding areas that are affected are shown and sometimes the source of the condition is located in a different area from the disease site. I do not have the knowledge of a doctor, and the doctor is not trained to see into the patient’s energy system. Working together brings about fuller results in both spiritual and physical healing.

How do you do a healing for someone?

a person is prepared for healing by having divine healing instructions secured in each level of consciousness. These instructions are then released as divine haling light into a person’s systems in a person’s natural rhythm for three 24-hour cycles of healing.

Does a person have to believe a certain way for this healing to work?

I understand and appreciate a person’s beliefs. Although this is an important influence, it does not change how this healing works. All that is required for successful results is a genuine desire to be healed.